Up-Cykle – closed circuit is an art


Up-Cykle – closed circuit is an art

opening hours

3–11th of July


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building 4


free entrance

PPNT Budynek 4


Your waste can make a difference! The UP-Cycles exhibition presents the winners of the 1st edition of the competition organized by Zakład Utylizacyjny in Gdańsk. The projects were made of waste, thanks to which their value was increased, and the waste was returned to circulation in a new version. Three entries were awarded and one winner was selected.

With the Up-Cycles exhibition, we want to focus on the problem of overproduction of waste. We buy and dispose of products that are usually still reusable. Why? Because the cost of repair is often similar to the cost of buying a new product. The competition was based on the desire to look for inspiration and ready-made solutions for the re-use of items. A rather unusual combination of art and waste is to focus even more on the problem, which is why this seemingly impossible combination. The huge amounts of waste we produce are still recyclable. Also post-production waste is a great starting point for many non-obvious solutions. It is worth considering them in the design process and then using them during prototyping. At Up-Cycles, we are looking for designers who see solutions that are important from the point of view of ecology and the environment. It's worth taking advantage of this potential!





Oliwia Wołosiuk

Oliwia Wołosiuk

A graduate of Polish studies, graphics and multimedia, for three years associated with Zakład Utylizacyjny – one of the largest municipal waste management plant in Poland. She is passionate about art, culture, design, as well as aerial photography. She is a pilot of unmanned aerial vehicles, a member of the editorial board of the quarterly "Ziutek", a co-founder and coordinator on behalf of the Ut...

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